With the Victorian Naturalist's keen interest in the world around them, the insects certainly received their fair share of that attention. They were actively collected and studied live, as well as prepared and mounted  whole, or often as dissections and partial mounts. 

  In addition to the more generalist professional preparers, there were a number of specialist mounters of insects, with F. (Frederic) Enock probably being the most famous. 

  Being fascinated with the natural world from an early age, he began collecting specimens and mounting for his uncle E. Wheeler in 1870, moving on to his own business by 1878, and continuing until 1915. 

  His whole insect mounts are still considered to be among the finest  preparations of their kind ever produced.

Spider ~ Clubonia

Image of Parasitic Insect (DIC)

Head of male Culex Mosquito, showing antenna structure (Darkfield illumination)

"Comb" foot of a Spider (DIC)